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4 - Hrs. Solving the Downpayment Dilemma Online Video Course - REcampus

Instructor: TBD, Instructor
Schedule: Online
Location: REcampus
Start Date: On Demand
End Date: On Demand
Price: $37.00

Course Description

Learn how to overcome one of the biggest home buying hurtles!
How can you help more people realize the dream of owning a home? By solving the downpayment dilemma. In this course, you will explore the concepts and innovative programs that make that dream come true. This course explores how to crowdfund a downpayment, how to qualify for state and federal low downpayment programs, as well as how to find and reach customers—whether millennials with high student loan debt or newlyweds looking to improve their credit scores—who need downpayment assistance.
Key Benefits:
• Understand the needs of consumers young and old and how to navigate the needs and wants of millennials and baby boomers
• Learn about federal and state programs that offer downpayment assistance
• Discover how to use crowdfunding to earn downpayment funding
• Analyze the home search process and categories of consumers in the market